HBO Latino @ 99 Scott

On August 21st Moore PA Hire loaded into 99 Scott in Bushwick to provide audio, lighting, staging, and video equipment and services for the HBO Latina Marquesina event. Let’s jump in.

We had two areas of operation: a garden/courtyard outside with its own DJ and dancefloor set-up and the mainstage area in the heart of 99 Scott.

Let’s start with the courtyard. For audio, we rigged up a classic DJ set-up across the garden from the venue. The rig included (1) DJM 900 Nexus and (2) CDJ 2000 Nexus. Speaker-wise we set-up (4) L’Acoustics 112P, all on Ultimate Support Stands, and (2) L’Acoustics SB15P. The set-up was on (2) 6’x4′ staging sections with 12″ legs and black skirting around the outside for a clean finish.
With that done we moved onto lighting the courtyard. Our package included (48) Colorblast TRX spread across (4) PDS750 TRX and (1) PDS375 TRX. These were all set-up on (2) 12″x”12″x10′ Truss sections and (2) Mobiltech ALP-5 crank-up stands. All lighting was controlled remotely from our primary control postion in the main room of 99 Scott. Let’s head there now.

In the main room, we started with (6) 8’x6′ staging section on 24″ legs. Skirted around the outside for a clean finish. With that done we moved on to audio.
For audio, the system started with (1) Yamaha QL-5 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608D. Speaker-wise, we hung from two points in the ceiling using beam clamps and chain hoists. Across these two points we included (6) L’Acoustics Dosc, (2) L’Acoustics DvSubs, and (2) L’Acoustics Dv Bump2s. We also provided (2) L’Acoustics SB218. For monitors we provided (4) L’Acoustics 112P. Finally we provided (6) Clearcom 603 for hardline communication throughout the show.
With that taking shape we moved onto power. We provided (1) Motion Labs ETL 400amp distro, along with (4) 50amp GFCI Spider Boxes,and enough cabling to sink a small battleship. We laid down (1) 3′ ADA compliant cable ramp for safe entrance and exit to the space and were ready to set-up our main stage lighting.
Our control began with GrandMA2 on PC, along with (1) MA Command Wing and (1) MA Fader Wing. We provided (8) Chauvet Rogue R2, (4) GLP X4S, (10) ETC S4WRD, and (10) ETC Lustr Series 2. We brought in all rigging we needed to hang everything from the ceiling along with (1) Genie AWP-30AC personnel lift and (1) Honda 3Kw Generator.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below: