Sports Business Journal at Refinery Rooftop

On December 12th Moore PA Hire Inc rolled into Refinery Rooftop to provide Sports Business Journal with video, audio, lighting, and staging equipment and services for their “New Voices Under 30” event. Let’s dive in.

For lighting, we began with (9) ETC S4WRD to serve nine metal gobos Moore PA had manufactured for the client and their sponsors. All S4WRD were on Impact Turtle Base C-Stands and all were outfited with ETC Donuts to sharpen up the gobos. For stage lighting we provided (2) ETC Lustr Series 2, also on C-Stands and also with EDLT lenses.

For audio, we began as we often do with the Yamaha QL-1. For microphones we provided (2) Shure UR-2 handheld microphones, along with (1) Shure UR-1 w/ DPA 4088 microphone. All paired with Shure UR4D reciever decks. We used the house’s audio system for speakers and then rounded it all out with (2) L’Acoustics 108P.

For video, we cracked open (1) Production Bot Switch 8. On the menu was serving powerpoints, videos, and iMag to screens around the rooftop as multi-cam record the awards ceremony. For cameras we provided (2) Panasonic HE-130 ptz cameras, operated via (1) Panasonic RP-120. The videos and powerpoints were served by the Production Bot and sent out to (2) Samsung NU8000 82″ screens and (1) LG UJ634 70″ screen.

For staging and hardware we provided (1) 4ft x 6ft stage deck and well as 30 feet of schedule 40 piping to display the client’s branding.

Kindly take a look at our video and photos from the event below: