On August 15th, Moore PA Hire provided a full package consisting of audio, staging, multi-camera, streaming, and power distribution. The client was Sikhs for Justice as they marched from 43rd and 2nd to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on 47th and 1st. Let’s jump in.

We had a full presence at both the start and end of the rally.

On 43rd and 2nd

For audio, we began at the start of the rally with (1) Yamaha QL-1 and. We dropped (1) Shure SM58 on our Cherry Wood Pedestal and for speakers we rigged up (4) L’Acoustics 108p. The 108s were in L’Acoustics ETR-8 brackets and flown from (2) L-16 Applied Electronics Crank-Up Stands.

For video and streaming we began with (1) Roland VR-50HD and (1) Macbook Pro 15″ running the latest version of Wirecast Studio. Wirecast was streaming our single camera from this location over to our command central on 47th and 1st before being re-streamed out to the world, more on that later.

For camera we provided (1) Panasonic PX-270 and on of our SDI-XLR-Power looms to keep the camera on and capturing the crowd.

For staging we provided all staging for a 12’x8’x2′ stage, half on the side-walk and half on the street. We provided (1) stairs kit to facilitate speakers getting on and off stage with ease.

With this location in shape we can jump over to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on 47th and 1st.

For audio we began with (1) Yamaha QL-5 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608. For speakers we (4) L’Acoustics 112p on (4) Ultimate Support Speakers stands, (2) for front of house and (2) for delay speakers.

For microphones we provided (1) Shure SM58 and mic stand.
for video and streaming, this was our broadcast central.

For cameras we provided (3) Panasonic HE-130s, all on Impact Turtle Base C-Stands. For control of the PTZs we rigged up (1) Panasonic RP-120 and (1) Ikan Atlas 19.5″. To have a large multi-view for the client we brought in (1) LG 65″ 4K display. Finally, to bring it all together, we set-up (1) Production Bot Switch 8. for internet we brought in (1) Castle Case by Castle Point Technologies to provide cellular bonded internet throughout the day. Along with the 3 cameras and various photos and videos provided to us by the client, the last input was the camera streaming from 43rd street. This way we could have a single continuous broadcast, appearing across Facebook and Youtube, coming from multiple locations, all streaming from a single switcher/encoder.

For staging, we built a 10’x8’x2′ riser, along with (3) 8′ sticks of truss on (2) Genie St-20 Crank-Up Stands to provide branded backdrop to the stage. Finally. we also rigged up (2) Mobiltech ALP-5 Crank-Up Stands to hang the clients flags from, when the time was right they raised the flags slowly, on camera, with the UN in the background.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below: