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* Below are just some examples of MOORE PA HIRE STAGING and VIDEO packages. Each package has been conceptualized and designed by us to meet the specific individual needs of you, our client.  General costs are listed here for the sake of a starting point conversation. However, specific price quotes are provided upon request. SOUND, LIGHT, STAGE and VIDEO packages may be purchased as separate packages or bundled together.


Client: Beach Tennis
Long Beach, NY
Pictured here: Center court of "Beach Tennis USA" finals competition. Setup for this event required careful planning and execution to meet our clients objectives. It was imperative that all spectators (approximately 2500 attendees) be able to view the competition while also being able to view the sponsor signage.

In order to accommodate their objectives, we used a 24' x 20 stage (including hydraulic roof) and created a 9'(H) x 12' (W) video "wall" for enhanced viewing. We positioned the video screen stage center, and projected the activities taking place on the beach directly in front of the stage. Signage hung vertically from scaffolding erected to the immediate left and right of stage.

For sound we used a 20,000W audio system, allowing spectators to be able to hear continuous play-by-play commentary, and later, enjoy the sounds of a live band and DJ.

As night fell and natural daylight waned, we used a 40KW conventional lighting system positioned high atop scaffolding systems at each corner of the court. To create even more atmosphere and give the evening an 'edge', we manipulated our moving light system and dimmers for effect. Check out some samples.
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Approx. cost $25,000

BEER on the PIER

Client: Pride Cyclone
New York City, NY
You supply the beer and the pier; we'll supply the rest!
For this event, MOORE PA HIRE all-inclusive production package included:
  • Staging, Sound, Lights, Generator, Backline & Crew

  • (6) Stacks of Jason J60 series with 30K in Par 64 cans
  • (8) Moving lights
  • Yamaha 3000 for F.O.H.
  • Ramsa 840 for monitors
  • 24 x 20 stage plus roof system, which included sound wings and rigging points (re: lighting.)

View samples here.
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Starting at $15,000

911 Never Forget Coalition NYC Protest Rally

Foley Square
New York City, NY
When the two most powerful groups at the forefront of the 9/11 anti-terrorism movement decided to stage a rally to protest possible terrorist trials in NYC, they turned to MOORE PA HIRE for help.

With just a week's notice and an anticipated audience of 10,000 protesters expected to converge onto this historic downtown Manhattan location (Foley Square) MOORE PA HIRE went into high gear to realize the organizers dreams.
Our package (as seen in photos here) included:
  • Sound System to reach 10,000 attendees
  • Covered and sheltered stage for presentations
  • Stage lighting
  • (3) Cameras, Recording and Video Feedback package
  • Portable 12.5'H x 16'W 15mm LED Screen, enabling viewing of on-stage activities to the entire crowd, including those located furthest from the stage
  • Backline for multiple on-stage performers/presenters
  • Press riser w/ press box
  • Electrical power supplied for all production elements
  • Crew: Set-up/Break-down entire production with minimal time and within time frame required by NYPD
  • Highly visible signage designed, produced and prominently displayed by MOORE PA HIRE

The Bravest
Keep America Safe
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$14,500 per day - 2 day rate available upon request


Consulate Mission
New York City, NY
Talk about "out of this world!" To help launch a new golf product from outer space (literally) and then be able to broadcast it back to earth, MOORE PA HIRE was the vendor of choice, providing video playback, sound and lighting for this midtown Manhattan Consulate Mission client.

Additionally, this unique launch included entertainment by a magician as well as a number of guest speakers, all of whom required our services. Given the exclusive location for this event, our particular challenge was the extreme "care" required to work within this space as well as within the confines of a high-security detail, (similar to a number of other "secure" clients). View samples here.
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Audio/video & lighting package $8,500


Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
New York City, NY
Our staging solutions can match the needs of any size event. For the World Harmony Run, we provided our client with a 24' x 12' x 2' Stage. Included with this staging package, were also stage stairs and camera risers. Additionally we provided this client with a 30' truss and ground support in order to be able to support and hang their very important signage. See for yourself.
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Starting at $1,450 per day