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* Below are just some examples of MOORE PA HIRE SOUND packages. Each package has been conceptualized and designed by us to meet the specific individual needs of you, our client.  General costs are listed here for the sake of a starting point conversation. However, specific price quotes are provided upon request. SOUND, LIGHT, STAGE and VIDEO packages may be purchased as separate packages or bundled together.


Chivas Studio
New York City, NY
This product sampling was a part of an ongoing series whereby the consumer's overall experience was enhanced by enjoying multiple live music acts as well as DJ directed events. Our LED lighting design created a dramatic effect against a scrim (as seen here) and helped set the mood for the evening. See for yourself.

In order to provide our client with the best possible sound solution for each featured talent, MOORE PA HIRE decided on a "one size fits all" approach, using:
  • EV Deltamax sound system
  • Midas Venice console
  • Pioneer CDJ rig featuring (2) Pioneer CDJ 1000 & Pioneer DJM 800.
  • Sennheiser wireless microphone systems
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Audio system $3,500/day,
Lighting system $3,500/day


Client & Location: Glastonbury, CT Pictured here is the main stage of the annual Glastonbury Irish Festival. MOORE PA HIRE supplied both the primary sound and lighting system for activities taking place within a 120' x 80' tent. To prevent the often-lengthy turn-around time in between multiple acts that can instantly deaden momentum, MOORE PA HIRE recommended (and supplied) complete backline to prevent this problem. A second sound system was created for attendees located in an adjacent bar area. By having this additional sound system, patrons situated here were able to enjoy all the events taking place on the main stage without ever having to leave the bar! What could be better?! Check out samples here.
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Starting $5,000 per day or
$12,000 for the weekend


Client: New York Road Runners
New York City, NY
How do you ensure all 16,000 runners waiting for the "start of race" will hear the official announcement.… simultaneously? When the New York Road Runners Club held their International Friendship Run at the United Nations for the friends and family of international marathoners and U.S. residents, they choose MOORE PA HIRE.

A complete sound system, including power generators was brought in to ensure the highest quality sound. could be heard by all at the race start and elsewhere. Additionally, MOORE PA HIRE provided organizers with a "moveable" stage/podium enabling them to interact with the runners as they readied themselves for the big race. View samples here.
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Starting at $3,200


Client: 106.7 LITE-fm
New York City, NY
Beginning July 4th and concluding Memorial Day, Broadway comes to Bryant Park (Midtown Manhattan) for this annual summer series. Located in the heart of the theatre district, Bryant Park is the ideal location for a lunchtime crowd of thousands anxious to experience "live" Broadway performances by the top talent on Broadway today. However, being outdoors, performing in the heat, surrounded by tall buildings, trees, and having to compete with the many surrounding sounds of the city, assuring optimal sound for these discriminating performers is imperative.

Whether it's Nala from the Lion King, Elfebba from Wicked or Phantom from the Opera, only the very best sound company with experience and competency would be up to this unique task. That's why NY's #1 music station consistently turn to MOORE PA HIRE. View samples here.
Starting at $3,400