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* Below are just some examples of MOORE PA HIRE LIGHTING packages. Each package has been conceptualized and designed by us to meet the specific individual needs of you, our client.  General costs are listed here for the sake of a starting point conversation. However, specific price quotes are provided upon request. SOUND, LIGHT, STAGE and VIDEO packages may be purchased as separate packages or bundled together.


Client: Marghi Kent
New York City, NY
New York City: The fashion capitol of the world.
Planning a fashion show in this town is a daunting task, especially when being on time is critical and being under budget imperative. Lighting is especially crucial when the product is "beauty" and the stakes are high. One right look can make the difference between a seasons success and its failure. Typically, our fashion accounts prefer to focus on what they do best and allow MOORE PA HIRE to focus on what we do best: staging, lighting and sound.

Being a one-stop shop is one of the reasons client Margi Kent opted to bring MOORE PA HIRE on board for her recent show. And as far as the end results?… just click and see for yourself.
Click for detailed views of Margi Kent Fashion Show
Appox. cost $3,000


Saint Paul the Apostle Church
New York City, NY
One of the first things our client wanted to achieve for this event, was to make the attendees arriving into this space from an adjacent area, feel as though they were being "transported to a completely different place." once they stepped in the door. It was also imperative, per our client, for all guests (many of them seniors) to be able to see and hear the presenters, as well as view the power point video and video presentation regardless of where in the room guests were seated/standing.

Given the challenging acoustics of this cavernous room (250' x 40'), we devised a way to distribute the sound evenly. As for lighting, we designed a unique look using LED and moving lights located in strategic places. On stage, rear screen projection was enhanced by a number of discreetly placed LED's. But it was our architectural lighting (evenly lit break-up patterns projected throughout the entire room, in an array of colors) that really "wowed" this client and guests. View samples of the event here.
Click for detailed views
Audio/ video & lighting package $6,500


Client: Dos Equis How better to sample premium beer than on a perfect night as the sun sets on the ocean. Our client, Dos Equis did just that and created a fun and fabulous product sampling party on the beach. Things heated up even more with the arrival of a fire-eater and DJ. MOORE PA HIRE supplied the sound, lighting and video. And when the party shifted into high gear and the DJ was kicking, we made sure the sound would be hot too confident that our generator would keep the power on all night long. To create the look of Mayan ruins at sunset and set the mood, our lighting design used over twenty moving fixtures with color changing fixtures and continuously projected a variety of client supplied gobo images, on the floor and bar, Additionally, twenty conventional fixtures were also used to highlight dynamic architectural fixtures, including the Dos Equis giant Mayan statues and an ice bar. See for yourself.
Click for detailed views
Approx. $9,000