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Maloof Cup 2011 NYC

Flushing Meadows Park
Queens, NY
Om June third fourth and fifth, Moore PA Hire was asked to provide sound for a the Maloof Money  Cup professional skateboarding competition in Flushing Meadows Park.  The event was written up in Sports Illustrated as well as on ESPN.  And here is some more info on the event.  Maloof Money cup sets record for largest global audience for a live skate webcast.  Fuel TV takes the Maloof Money Cup global.  The team rose to the task and provided sound in two areas of the park to a total of approximately 10,000 people.  Please see some pictures below of the event.

Aviator Sports

Floyd Bennet Airfield
Brooklyn, NY
World Premiere Wrestling, a hugely popular player in the sporting world, tapped MOORE PA HIRE to provide sounds, lighting, video recording and playback services for the premier launch of wrestling at Aviator Sports/Floyd Bennett Field.

A 40' x 40' Truss Square was used to support conventional and intelligent lighting fixtures and sounds systems. LED fixtures on wireless DMX around the perimeter helped transform the look and feel of the space.

The entire event, including pre and post interviews with wrestlers, as well as the actual wrestling matches, was captured on video via the use of (4) hight definition (HD) cameras: (2) cameras fixed and (2) cameras two mobile. Using a big-mounted camera on a specially constructed and lit MOORE PA stage, fans were able to enjoy even more dynamic and "up-close" viewing of all the action throughout the evening. At the conclusion of event, MOORE PA HIRE also provided WPW with edited video footage converted onto DVD. In turn, this footage may eventually be used by WPW as a branding element and made available for sale.

Being able to provide our clients with top quality video recordings using multiple high-def cameras is just one of the latest services MOORE PA HIRE now offers our clients. Our staff includes experienced video crews, camera operators, editors and photography directors (DP's).